Locals 8 Hospitality Group Announces the Closing of Tisane Euro-Asian Café

For Immediate Release:
May 13, 2024

HARTFORD, CT – Tisane Euro-Asian Café, the West End’s iconic tea house and cocktail bar for over 24 years, will close on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Locals 8 is making every effort to relocate Tisane’s staff to positions at other Locals 8 restaurants in the Greater Hartford area. Gift cards will be honored at all other Locals 8 locations. Any tickets purchased for upcoming events will be refunded in full.

“Tisane means infusion (as in dried herbs), and that was the vision when I built it twenty-four years ago,” said Founder and CEO Allie J. Gamble. “I wanted to create a spot with an infusion of people, products, and ideas all in one place.”

“Tisane has been a very special place close to my heart for many, many years,” said Gamble. “We’ve had some amazing times here. It’s sad to see Tisane close its doors, but many things have changed since the pandemic. Tisane used to be open from 7 am to 2 am prior to Covid and served four day parts. People would have meetings over coffee that rolled into lunch, lunch meetings that rolled into happy hour, or dinner that rolled into cocktails and music. Its central location on Farmington Ave served as the perfect meeting space for many. Unfortunately, with more people working remotely and fewer coming into Hartford, it has impacted the business we had before the pandemic.”

Tisane was a true fusion restaurant, blending Asian spices with classic European techniques. It also blended cultures and people, bringing together a strong and proud LGBTQ+ community. Tisane created a space for meaningful conversations and amazing music where many felt at home. Over the years, the restaurant won dozens of ‘Best Of’ awards, including the best LGBTQ+ bar, cocktails, tea selection, and coffee house.

Tisane was very timely and needed in Hartford for many years, and we’re proud of the community we created here. We thank our many patrons for their loyalty over the last 24 years and the dedicated staff who fostered and inspired such a unique spirit at Tisane.